11/19/15 Molecular Mixology Competition

11/19/15 Molecular Mixology Competition

11/19/15 Molecular Mixology Competition

South Florida Science Center & Aquarium
4801 Dreher Trail N,
West Palm Beach, Fl 33405


Our USBG Palm Beach Molecular Mixology Competition will take place Thursday November 19, 2015 at 6pm at the South Florida Science Center & Aquarium. Join our USBG members as they will compete for the votes of the crowd with their own Molecular cocktails. The rules are simple…


-You must be an active USBG member to compete. To join the USBG you can Click Here!

-Each cocktail must showcase at least one form from our Molecular Mixology categories…


-Your presentation cocktail must contain 1oz of Myschyf Hemp liqueur.

-There is no limit on ingredients after that. Make what ever you like! We want to see your creativity show!


-Competitors may start to arrive as early at 4pm to setup their booth.

-Each competitor will be have their own 6 foot table to stage how ever they like.

-Each competitor is allowed 1 person to help with their booth during the judging time.

-Each competitor will receive 1 bottle of Myschyf to use to make their cocktails for the crowd.

-Each competitor will receive plastic cups, a glass dispenser to batch their cocktails if they wish and ice for their crowd samples. All other ingredients are the responsibility of the competitor. Plan on batching at least 50 cocktails each. The more you batch the more chances you have of winning votes. There will be refrigeration on site if needed.

-It is the competitors task to win the votes of the crowd with their personality and original Molecular cocktail samples.

-During the voting process, the competitors will each have 5 minutes on stage to present their presentation cocktail where the competitors will teach the audience how they made their original Molecular cocktail and help convince the crowd to vote for them.

-Judging from the crowd will take place from 7:45pm-8:45pm.

-Each competitor will receive $25 to help towards their cost for their ingredients.


1st Place: $300.

2nd Place: $150.

3rd Place: $50.

This is meant to be a fun competition showcasing some talented bartenders.

Any other questions, please contact Rob Husted at “contact@barwars.info“.

Competitors please register by Wednesday November 18 by sending an email to “contact@barwars.info” with…

-Your full name

-Your cocktail name & recipe

-Your phone number.

Good Luck!

All rules are subject to change without notice.

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