About the USBG Palm Beach & Broward Chapter

Our History: Fostering collaboration between bartenders.

While the bar industry has exploded over the last 60 years, we’ve supported individual bartenders. After putting down California roots in 1948, we incorporated as a nonprofit (50 years strong!) and are now active in over 30 markets nationwide.  We believe in “raising and setting the bar.” USBG members don’t follow trends– we set them, and passionately advocate for bartenders nationwide to do the same.

The USBG Palm Beach chapter was founded in June 2013 with the founding board as President: Rob Husted, Vice President: Josh Gates, Secretary: Charles Steadman & Treasurer: Peter Goldenberg.

Our Legacy: Connecting with the communities we serve.

Bars & restaurants are where communities come together. Through national & local charity initiatives, we connect with the neighborhoods that welcome our establishments and the people who we entertain each night. To us, a key part of growing professionally is supporting the communities where we serve.

The current USBG Palm Beach board is President: Rob Husted, Vice President: Jeffrey Sirninger, Secretary: Jules Aron, Treasurer: Brian Hession, Fort Lauderdale Liaison: Tamara Jovanovic, Director: Alexandra Dupuis.

We are happy to include Palm Beach & Fort Lauderdale into our chapter.

Our Core Values:

Service * Integrity * Sharing Knowledge * Tradition * Camaraderie



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