05/06/20 “USBG Palm Beach Virtual Cocktail Presentation”

05/06/20 “USBG Palm Beach Virtual Cocktail Presentation”

A lot of you have witnessed the amazing generosity brands from all over the world have displayed to aide our hurting hospitality industry. Our local USBG Palm Beach chapter has been searching for ways to directly help our local bartenders in need. We’ve come up with a weekly “Virtual Cocktail Presentation” where three bartenders at random will be chosen to create and present a cocktail via Live Stream in their own homes for $100 + any Venmo tips.

All participating parties are required to sign contractual agreement with the USBG Palm Beach for video services. This week’s sponsor is Plantation Rum highlighting the award winning Xaymaca. If you’re interested in participating please click the link below to find more details.


Bartenders: Anita LaMartina, Akinde Olagundoye & Garett Hagan.

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