USBG Membership Types

The USBG welcomes all members who support our mission: uniting the hospitality community to advance professional bartending. Review our membership types below and select the description that fits you best. 

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Hospitality Professional

A Hospitality Professional Member supports the mission of the USBG and works primarily in the hospitality industry as an employee or principle of a bar, restaurant, hotel, or catering company.

This category includes: 

Also those included in this category may or may not derive occasional income as an agent of a consulting, media, or beverage supply/distribution company.

Annual Membership: $125

Trial Membership for Hospitality Professionals

Curious about what the USBG is all about? Want to try it out before you join?

Trial memberships are for hospitality professionals who support the mission of the USBG

and who work primarily as a bartender, barback, or server.

Complementary Membership through December 31, 2020


An Associate Member supports the mission of the USBG and primarily earns income as an agent of a consulting, media, beverage supply/distribution company, or other company with a commercial interest in the hospitality industry.

This category includes:

Annual Membership: $150


An Enthusiast member supports the mission of the USBG, but derives no regular income from the hospitality industry and supports the Guild for personal enrichment.

Annual Membership: $150

Existing Members

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