1/19/21 “Minakshi Singh Interview”

Join us on Jan 19th at 11 am for an insightful LIVE Zoom interview/Q&A with Minakshi Singh the co-founder of India’s Sidecar and Speakeasy New Delhi voted Best Bar in India and number 40 on Asia’s 50 Best Bars.

Zoom information below
Meeting ID: 870 4870 3774
Password: 451678


From Drink Magazine Asia:

“Minakshi Singh, co-founder of India’s Cocktails and Dreams Speakeasy, and Sidecar – number 40 on Asia’s 50 Best Bars – has lived and breathed hospitality for most of her working life. Immediately after graduating with a degree in hotel management, she found herself behind the stick, bartending for some extra cash. “The more I learned about beverages and bartending, the more I realized I loved it for more than just the money,” she says. “I was really excited to be learning about cocktails, the art of service and talking to guests.”

However, in India, women working in bars is extremely uncommon, and as Minakshi set about forging her career in the booze industry, she realized it wasn’t going to be easy. “I had a tough time telling my parents I was a bartender. I’d graduated with a management degree – but I wanted to be a bartender, not a manager. To my parents, a bartender is so much lower down the ladder than a manager, so for the life of them, they couldn’t understand why I would want to do it.”


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