USBG Palm Beach Point System


USBG Palm Beach Member Point System


Our active members will receive points for taking part in helping contribute to grow our chapter as well as themselves. These points can be accumulated each year and then our active members will be rewarded based on those points.

How to gain points:

Points are awarded for member participation in the following amounts:


25 points

Bring a guest


50 points

Refer a new member


100 points

Attending a Happy Hour get together

Mentorship participation

Any pre-approved presentation at meetings


150 points

Attend chapter business meeting


200 points

Committee member

Competition competitor

3rd  place in competition

Attend educational specific meeting

New member

Member renewal after expiration


250 points

Community Volunteer Work

Total new members per month

Participate in special chapter events (other than competitions)


300 points

National/Regional Activities

2nd place in competition

Member renewal prior to expiration


400 points

Committee leader (other than council member)

International/National/regional Competitions


500 points

Committee that accomplishes goals within time frame and budget

Top 3 in International/National/regional Competitions

Winner of competition


1000 points

Total annual members

Winner of International/National/regional Competitions



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