7/12/16 Tito’s Handmade Daiquiri Hoedown Showdown

7/12/16 Tito’s Handmade Daiquiri Hoedown Showdown

Jack’s Grumpy Grouper 308 North Dixie Highway, Lantana, Florida 33462


You are invited to join us for the Tito’s Handmade Daiquiri
Hoedown Showdown competition and USBG Palm Beach
July open board meeting where you can enjoy complimentary cocktails, small plates, and swag! ($10 donation for non-current USBG members).

Location: Jack’s Grumpy Grouper
Date/time: July 12th at 6 pm

This SE Florida meets Texas crossover cocktail competition is open to all bartenders as well as non-bartender USBG members.

If interested in competing, please contact Armando Erotico or Annie Blake (Facebook message, email, text, bar napkin note) by the 10th with cocktail name and recipe. Last minute competitors will be accommodated to the best of our ability as space and other limitations allow.

Feel free to join us as a competitor or avid observer, whether you are a bartender, enthusiast, or just interested in our guild’s social activities. :)

The rules are as follows and please direct any questions regarding them to Armando Erotico:

Each recipe is limited to six ingredients and must include lime juice and Tito’s Vodka as two of these ingredients (see further
clarifications below as to the definition of the term ingredients).

Tito’s Vodka must be the primary alcohol containing ingredient by
volume, and cocktails must contain a minimum of 1 oz. of Tito’s Vodka, with a maximum of 3 oz. of total combined alcoholic ingredients.

Other spirit types may be used as modifiers.

Recipes must be original creations, and should endeavor to highlight the Tito’s Vodka base, and as such less can be more in terms of judging.

Variations of flavored daiquiris are also encouraged, so long as they are primarily recognizable as a daiquiri.

Cocktails will be judged on originality, use of product, sensory
properties, and presentation.

Recipes shall be expressed in reproducible quantifiable measures
(ounces, bar/tea/tablespoons, drops, pinches, dashes, etc.) and scaled for a single serving.

There are no limitations on use of garnishes, but if any part of said
garnish contacts the cocktail and imparts taste it must be declared as an ingredient (as an example if a cinnamon stick was smoked and laid on top of the rim of the glass to impart aroma it would not count as an ingredient, whereas if it was then submersed in the cocktail and conveyed flavor it would be considered an ingredient). The only exception to this rule is light misting the top of a cocktail with an aromatic (such as citrus oil expression or aerosolized fluid) will be considered as a garnish and not as an additional ingredient.

Each competitor will have 5 minutes in total to prepare and present their cocktail.

Demonstration of knowledge of the Tito’s Vodka backstory within the presentation will be judged favorably, but is not required.

Standard bar ice will be provided, but all other ingredients and tools must be brought by the competitors (glassware will be available, but is limited to what is available on hand on premise).

First prize is $250, Second Prize is $150, and Third Prize is $50.

Non-current USBG member winners must use their prize money towards a membership, and will retain the balance of any remaining prize money, if applicable.

Clarifications on ingredient classification:

An ingredient is classified as a single item that is available for
purchase (as such a commercially available tea made from a variety of substances is a single ingredient, a commercially available bitter/tincture is counted as a single ingredient, as would using the rind and juice of a lime even if used separately in the production of the cocktail).

Previously prepared homemade ingredients are allowable, but each ingredient contained within will be counted separately according to the previous ingredient classification, with duplicated ingredients counting as only a single ingredient (so lime rind in a syrup, added lime juice, and lime rind grated within a cocktail would still count as only a single ingredient).

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