11/9/16 USBG Open Board Meeting

11/9/16 USBG Open Board Meeting

Location TBA

Join us Wednesday November 9, 2016 for your USBG open member board meeting for active USBG members only. Come see what your USBG board members have planned and how your voice and decisions can help guide your chapter. We will be enjoying cocktails, voting, opening the floor to any new ideas you may have and signing up our members for our vast committees.

This will also be the kickoff for our upcoming USBG Palm Beach Board elections. If you are interested in campaigning… please email Annie Blake at (annie@cocktailkingdom.com) prior to the meeting on October 26. So feel free to bring any campaign items you like to help you start shaking hands and kissing babies to help win our members votes.

All of that and some surprises as well… Game on!

To RSVP for the event, use the link below…


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